Saturday, 30 October 2010

the allotment

in the last post i mentioned kyla la grange  shes amazing and on of my favorite artists at the moment. but i really couldn't find any where to listen to her music so looking on you tube i found these short films shes in, and i think there really funny i have no idea whether or not there good technically but i don't really care because they make me laugh.

and here's Tuesday.

and Wednesday:

oh and another thing this girls pretty stylish

love Esther xx

Friday, 29 October 2010

Tim Burton king of Halloween

we've all seen the brilliance of 'the corpse bride' and 'Alice in wonderland' so its no surprise that a Halloween editorial inspired by him is absolutely brillo.
in tradition i'm dressing up for Halloween and have no idea what to be with only 2 day left, i think it will have to be the simple classic of a witch...  

here's some halloween themed music for you by kyla la grange, who supported i blame coco when i saw her last tuesday. its a lovely song called vampire smiles and there is posts to come about both her and the lovely elliott sumner 

love Esther xx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

i find looking at mens clothes a cheaper more relaxing alternative to buy clothes for myself. as i only occasionally end up wishing i can afford it. which is a lot less than it is when i'm browsing womens clothing.
this is a particular favorite of mine. 

Percival from Alex Turvey on Vimeo.

not to badly priced either for a Christmas present. YES CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE !
love Esther xx

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