Sunday, 13 June 2010

yay yay yay i went to my first vintage fair today !

it was great, some of the clothes were smelly and made my head itch but the rest of them were beautiful. bought my self two lovely dresses which of course will be posted soon. one of them is A 70'S prom dress and i actually feel like Jane eyer in it.
it makes me smile even thinking about it !

its like a traveling vintage fair so I've scanned the leaflet with dates in for you. because i love you all so much ;)

love Esther xx

p.s i went to the manchester one so im not sure what the other smaller ones are like

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

yummy sunnies

sorry about the sort posts at the moment but life kind of hectic, found this picture while trying to finnish a costume folder on the 1940's.

check the glasses there so cute and also very simmialr to some sabrina from after drk wore on a video from style scrapbook

p.s she reminds me of katy perry, who by the way i think would be the cutest wife ever, im jelous russell brand ;)  

love Esther xx

Monday, 7 June 2010

if the world was made of boots these would be heaven

yvan rodic the famous face hunter has just exsposed me to the most beautiful pair of boots in the hole world, i mean wow !

and this somthing coming form a girl who isnt the greatest shoe lover, JESUS CHRIST the shoes are hot !!

oh and I've linked the picture to his blog because well we wouldn't want to be accused of stealing his credit no would we.

love Esther xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

my heart hopped a beat

this is a quick one but i felt it my duty to show you this stunning cardy, AND ITS FROM MANCHESTER, and to make it even more exciting its only £95! unfortunately £95 i dont have but i can always dream.... 

its a hot one on alot of blogs at the moment so if you want one 
click here super fast 

P.S  sorry for the ludicrous post name but well i had to ;) 

love Esther xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

so im in the middle of a mamoth cramming sesh for a french oral next week and have french coming out of my ears so enjoy my french inspired post.

oh and put this on while you look, make it a little bit more french ;)

oh and theres no way i'm going to insult the French with an attempt at typing in French although i really should be able to.

p.s sorry for the stereotyping i couldn't resist your welcome to stereotype the English any day you like
love Esther xx

sorry for the cutting off of half the video i need a computer wizz to tell me what im doing wrong, if your out there..

Friday, 4 June 2010

 just trying something out bare with me

love Esther xx


have you ever been to York? 

well you should it's a pretty place also quite good for shopping went on a boat ride and everything 

so its been a while since I've done an outfit post so here we are 

man its been so hot lately, i like the sun just the not heat it doesn't go well with ma layers.
this outfit is brand spanking new ;) and a momentous day because i NEVER wear hats. so make the most of it mi lovelies.

what i wore: navy heart play suit, orange pouch bag for Nepal, straw hat-Dorothy Perkins, male couture vest top h&m (which by the way is an excellent collection)  and finally  a lovely pair of espadrilles also for h&m and a complete BARGAIN.

love Esther xx

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