Sunday, 13 June 2010

yay yay yay i went to my first vintage fair today !

it was great, some of the clothes were smelly and made my head itch but the rest of them were beautiful. bought my self two lovely dresses which of course will be posted soon. one of them is A 70'S prom dress and i actually feel like Jane eyer in it.
it makes me smile even thinking about it !

its like a traveling vintage fair so I've scanned the leaflet with dates in for you. because i love you all so much ;)

love Esther xx

p.s i went to the manchester one so im not sure what the other smaller ones are like


  1. 'one of them is A 70'S prom dress and i actually feel like Jane eyer in it'
    esther, what the hell?
    it's jane eyRE, and that was set in the 19th century, not the 1970s

  2. to who ever wrote this anonymously.

    you clearly don't understand where designers inspiration comes from. just because it was made in the 70's doesn't been it wasn't inspired by 19th century clothing.

    love esther xx


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