Friday, 24 September 2010

lets have a bed party

15 things to do in bed

  1.  Sleep until your all sleeped out 
  2. Watch every rom-com you can get your hands on 
  3. Sit on it with your friends and talk about rubbish 
  4. Stalk famous beautiful people in every form you can get your hands on 
  5.  Write letters you will never send
  6.  Make a playlist of songs that make you smile
  7. Read an entire book that you’ve never read before
  8. Start a blog about things that you like
  9. Sit on facebook all day
  10.  Eat a lot of biscuits and drink a lot of tea
  11.  Turn your bed into a tent/den. (if your still 8)
  12.  Spend a lot of time on the phone to a friend
  13.  Knit a scarf
  14.   Learn the lyrics to an Eminem song
  15. Have a picnic                     

 a post on a blog made me think this up my favorite one of hers was to take a world tour on Google maps. Doing it the next time i have a lie in. 

love Esther xx

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