Tuesday, 14 December 2010

gap teeth are like marmite

I think I have found my new fashion pet hate, gap teeth.
I find them really annoying im not sure how a facial feture annoyes me but i feel like all modles which have 'the gap' also have the same bemused , pouted exspretion which makes them look dummer than I am sure in fact they are. well they must be they've manged to turn a dental deformaity into a fashion statement.
 Don't get me wrong I love a good trend to follow but fashion buffs of the world can we please stick to clothes and beautiful bags as trends not body image. People cant help the way they look and as if its not already bad enough that your telling people that its only 'in' to be skinny your making a teeth, eyebrows and tans a trend.

on a lighter note 11 more sleeps till Christmas ladies and gentlemen !
love Esther xx

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  1. I completely agree. I really don't get why people find it attractive!


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