Wednesday, 5 January 2011

how to survive the boxing day sales!

how to survive a christmas sale?

make sure your well equipped, you will need:

  • pepper spray
  • a whistle
  • flat shoes preferably running shoes
  •  experience in cat fights
NO ! i'm joking please do not take any of those things , in fact don't go at all!
i really hate the boxing day sale it has become a yearly brawl most of the time over crap from 2 seasons ago that nobody wanted then. its not that i have a problem with sales and a good bargain, hey! i visit them too when the crazy women have gone back to there holes. for one thing jam pack shops scare me even without the fighting. i'm pretty sure last year i heard that a women nearly died after being crushed in a primark sale... what is that about and how can a shop thats highest price is £10 have a sale crazyy.

the other thing i hate about the boxing day sale is that christmas for me is a family time even if it is just having the grandies round to watch crap telly. its not a time for going to the shops at 3am. but it might just be me left in the world  who likes actually having a good old traditional christmas...

 coming soon my non-boxing day christmas sale bargins ;)

love Esther xx

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