Monday, 1 March 2010

writers block, sorry my love

I'm having i think what some people call a writers block at the moment. really not feeling creative at all. hopefully i will return to my normal state of mind soon and will have more to say.

i got excepted to LOOKBOOK.NU !
i got way to exited when i got the email telling me i had been excepted. how small minded of me. so thats my new addiction at the moment and i fumbling around in the dangerous grounds of editing too. although not to quite the extent of some y7 girls seem to be doing, i have to say there self confidence is sky high. i dont think i could ever write "stunner babez" on any of my photos.

i ticked the first thing off my s/s shopping list on Saturday and went in for the kill. yes, i bought a bum bag or fanny pack which ever you want to call it. personally im a bit immature to call it a fanny pack im even smirking whist writing this. i should be getting my dungarees soon so il post a picture of them soon as.

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