Saturday, 30 January 2010

i have wrote this blog out twice and it still dosent seem to be right. i wonder what the perfect blog is ?
if i had the answer this would be a whole lot easier.

today i discovered...
I am allergic to cats !
this discovery was made thanks to tilly the cat at joshes 19th which by the way was dull and uneventful. not unlike most of the family parties.

i got to wear a new outfit concoction though which was nice. A bit of a blast from the past with my orange puff ball skirt. which i know, screams train crash but i thought it tied in with the leopard pint cardy tuck in quite nicely.

i think i might start posting my sketches on here see what you think. there quite child like but thats what i like about them. recently i have been inspried by alot of sketches from people like barbara hulanicki. i love how deep yet simple her designs look. They are so captivating.
i really wish i could draw like this it would be a life long achievement if i did.
may i should start taking lessons. i wonder if theres a course for that.

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