Tuesday, 2 February 2010

money doesn't grow on trees you know

dont you wish you had it ?

so do i spend all of what little money i have on clothes or nights out
if i spend it all on nights out i have a good time but will probably end up raving in my birthday suit. which really is not a good look. so then i could spend it all on lovely clothes i will have no where to wear them.

dont you just wish you owned this top. it is so amazing. but then again so is most of one teaspoons spring/summer collection.

No Heads Bonds Singlet

which reminds me time to start stocking up on summer dresses and dry shampoo i think. i'm going to get my self some braces tomorrow as well i have a feeling i'm going to want some soon.
i'm on the look out for a bum bag too. just haven't found the perfect match yet.

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