Friday, 12 February 2010

a whale with a needle and a banana

a week off, so much to do so little time.
valentines day can go lick its self as far as im concerned, not even the couples i know can be arsed with it this year. Looks like cupid did something wrong, poor aim perhaps. Its a good excuse for a party though, cant wait for Sunday! I love Manchester it cheers me up so much when times get hard get on the MET. you get there and very things forgotten when your in the middle of a two man rave with the people you love.
unfortunately the day after my lovely dance about some pissing nurse will be stabbing me with a needle. there are 4 things that im scared of in the world
  • whales yes i know its erational but i swear they can swallow you with out noticing
  • injections, needles and all forms of sharp objects you stick in you therefore i would be shocking hardcore druggie
  • loosing the people i love. i think i would kill my self
  • banana's this is more of a phobiea than a fear but i cant touch or smell a banana with out wanting to projectile vomit.
so the fact that i am have an injections is very worrying. lets just say most of the doctors will hear me scream on Monday lunch time.

i still haven't got over the shock of Alexander Mcqueen dieing. it is possibly one of the most tragic losses the world will have this year and it is only February. He will be sorely missed all around the world. i had a conversation with my friend today about what will happen to his labels will they carry on as before, be re branned or just phased out all together. personally i would like the label to carry on in memory but how can any one put the same unique flare into the designs like Alexander did. i dont think its possible to be quite honest.

but life goes on you still have to carry on the world didn't change. just your own little world is smashed to tiny little pieces.

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